My Story

David Whitlock

David Whitlock

Like a lot of people, my life was on the standard trajectory: high school followed by college followed by work followed by grad school followed by…satisfaction. During college I stumbled into a couple of marketing communications internships. I continued working in that field after college, studied it in grad school, and then set out to build my career as a marketing communications professional.

I soon found myself on a 20-year search for the right fit—a quest to find that unique set of variables in which I would thrive. I moved from position to position convincing myself that the factors in the next role were going to make me a better marketer and put an end to my search.

But in reality I was trying to shoehorn myself into a career in which I simply didn’t fit. I kept convincing myself that I could navigate around any work situation and make it work. But I couldn’t and I grew tired of being unhappy, unsatisfied, and inauthentic.

My life changed after reading Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar. The book combines the fundamentals of positive psychology, scientific research, and personal narrative to discuss what happiness is, why happiness is the “ultimate currency,” and how we can attain more happiness. Two thoughts dominated me after reading the book. First, everyone deserves the chance to maximize his or her happiness. Second, I had to spend more time engaged in activities that were meaningful to me.

Through self examination I discovered that my calling is to work with young adults to help them discover their calling, which is what The Happiness Catalyst strives to do.

About Me

  • Grew up about 25 miles northwest of Chicago in Northbrook, Illinois
  • Attended Glenbrook North High School (Go Spartans!)
  • Received a B.S. in Communication Studies and an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University (Go Cats!)
  • Married Alison in 1994. Moved back to Northbrook where we’re raising our two teenagers, Brooks and Hannah
  • Trained as an Academic Life Coach
  • Member of the Northbrook Youth Commission